Bowerbird Cottage

Detached from the lodge for premium privacy, the Bowerbird Cottage is a fully self-contained accommodation option. When you book the cottage, you automatically get access to our main lounge rooms and dinings room. However, most guests that stay here don’t want to leave as the Cottage has everything that you need.

The Bowerbird Cottage Features:

Bowerbird Cottage

The Bowerbird Cottage is detached from the lodge and fully self contained. It has its own kitchen, living room, dining room and fireplace.

With views of the Brisbane CBD and Maiala Park Lodge pool this is the ultimate romantic retreat with your partner or secluded cabin for some serious DMs with your BFF.

Square 60m²
Square 2 guests + 1 child
Square 1.5 bedrooms
Square 01 ensuite
hannah puechmarin-maiala park lodge

Bowerbird Cottage Gallery