1. How many people can you have at Maiala Park Lodge?

Maiala Park Lodge can accommodate 10 overnight guests and an additional 10 day guests, making 20 guests total for day time events.

2. How many suites do you have at Maiala Park Lodge?

There are five suites at Maiala Park Lodge. Each Suite can be configured in double or twin share configuration. When in double configuration, 3 of the rooms have king size beds and 2 of the rooms have four poster antique queen beds. When in twin share configuration 3 of the rooms have single beds, and two of the rooms have 1 queen with a separate single bed.

3. Do you provide breakfast or food onsite?

When you come to Maiala Park Lodge you can currently expect tea, coffee, milk and White Chocolate and Macadamia Welcome cookies. We do not currently provide breakfast or other dining options on site. We are working on our food and beverage licence and therefore are hoping to be able to provide breakfast, dinner and event catering in the future.

4. Is there parking for me at Maiala Park Lodge?

Yes there is parking for all overnight guests at Maiala Park Lodge. Day visitor parking is somewhat limited, and logistics for this can be accommodated, but will be co-ordinated between the Maiala Park Lodge team and the key contact booking for your group activities.

5. Could you explain the shared living and dining room arrangements?

The main advantage of the shared living and dining rooms at Maiala Park Lodge is the intimacy associated with your stay. Guests of Maiala Park Lodge can expect to have regular interaction with other travelers as well forging new friendships with other patrons. Your hosts, Lucy and Joaben, offer in depth knowledge of the surrounding area and can provide directions and suggestions that cater to your specific needs. Joaben can also yarn with you about any of your cultural capability questions.

6. Do you have a map of Maiala Park Lodge?

Here is a map to help you visualise the floor plan of Maiala Park Lodge. We also have a site plan to show you were the lodge sits within the 2.5 acres.