What’s On?

Events, Experiences and Workshops

The information below are highlighted events occurring during the year at Maiala Park Lodge. For more detailed information about what’s on head to this link.

Art with Altitude

For only two days every year, Art with Altitude features artists and craftspeople from Mount Glorious and Mount Nebo, together with market stalls and food and coffee.



Art with Altitude cropped


Fireflies, nature’s twinkling stars, light up warm spring nights with their enchanting glow. These tiny, bioluminescent insects illuminate the darkness with a dance of light, creating a magical spectacle in gardens and forests. With each flicker, fireflies remind us of the beauty that emerges when nature and science intertwine, leaving us captivated by their ephemeral, mesmerizing brilliance—a true wonder of the insect world that you can experience in October and on site at Maiala Park Lodge.


Samford Edible Garden Trail

Samford’s edible garden trail is a unique and engaging outdoor experience that allows visitors to explore the gardens of locals dedicated to the cultivation of edible plants. The trail features a variety of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and other edible plants, each grown in a different garden or designated area. Visitors can stroll through each garden, learn about different types of edible plants, and even taste some of the produce along the way. Book Maiala Park Lodge as your home base for the weekend.


Tawny Trails

The Tawny Trails self-drive experience will take you on a crafted journey — experience life through the eyes of artists. Enjoy the scenery, squeeze modeling clay, hear the birds, taste wine, throw some paint, smell the clean air, stroke the neck of a horse, view award-winning artworks, feel the calm after yoga, ponder the masters of creativity. The choices are brilliant!